Beef products

We have the best quality beef breeds in the country.

Beef Products

ADC is the custodian of livestock studs that ensure continued existence of livestock breeds and the availability of quality stock to Kenyan farmers at affordable prices.


Boran Breed

The boran breed is a bee breed with its genetic background being Kenya. The Boran is predominantly Zebu. ADC is the custodian of the Boran Stud in Kenya and by so doing ensures continuous availability of Boran breeding animals to the Kenya farmer

The Boran has been extremely successful as the most efficient converter of roughage to prime beef. 

The Boran has been bred for performing high fertility, hardness and resistance with excellent beef conformation.

ADC produces quality free range Boran beef off the natural pasture at ADC Mutara Ranch, ADC Galana Ranch, ADC Nai and ADC Japata.


Charolais Breed

This is an exotic breed with its roots in France.  They are raised for their beef and are known for their composite qualities when crossed with other breed

The breed is large muscled with bulls weighing up to 1,000 kgs and cows up to 900 kgs. Colour is almost pure white and is used for cross breeding

ADC being the Custodian of Livestock Stud has continued to pure breed the Charolais at ADC Suam Orchards where it thrives well


Hereford Breed

It’s an exotic breed with its roots in England. Hereford cattle can gain weight up to 1,000 kgs when mature

Fast maturity and fast gaining of weight, can gain weight up to 1,000 kgs when mature

The breed is conservatively bred at Suam Orchards


Santa Getrudes

Is a beef breed with its origin in Spain.
The Santa has a distinctive red colour and an exceptionally deep and well muscled body.

It’s believed to have been a Cross of the Brahman breed and short horn Hereford cattle

Her off springs are superior cattle that are well adapted to harsh environment.Santa Getrudes horned or polled passes the main cattle men want and demand.  The Santa Getrudes has strong mothering taints and are adaptable in varied environment.

ADC Sabwani is the home of Santa Getrudes.


Sahiwal Breed

This breed is hardy and can survive well in arid and semi arid areas.

It is a hardy dual purpose breed and can be kept for both meat and milk

The breed is reared in the Coastal region at ADC Kiswani


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