Dairy Products

We have the best quality dairy breeds in the country.

Dairy products

ADC is the custodian of livestock studs that ensures continued existence of livestock breeds and the availability of quality stock to Kenyan farmers at affordable prices.



Friesian cattle are identified by their black and white short haired coat and short horns. They are large in size with an average body weight of 500 – 550kg. They are natives of Europe but through importation of semen and local breeding, they are now kept in several countries in Africa.

They do well in cooler regions and are vulnerable to high temperatures. In Africa, they survive well in the cooler highlands. They can easily become sick and are susceptible to milk fever which can kill in a day.Friesian cattle need a lot of care and they are best suited for zero grazing.

They are kept for milk production and have the potential to produce 40-50kg of milk per day. The milk however has low butter fat content of 3.2%. High milk production is dependent on good feeding and Friesians are heavy eaters requiring about 110kg of fresh feed and 60litres of water per day.

Find these breeds the home of the Friesians at ADC Namandala and ADC Lanet.



Ayrshire cattle are dark brown with white patches. They are large in size and weigh about 450kg .They are big feeders requiring 90-110kg of fresh feed and 60 litres of clean water per day. Therefore, they can only be reared in areas where there is adequate feed and water.

They are high milk producers with an average of 30 liters per day.  Ayrshire milk has a butter content of 4.0%. Unlike Friesian cattle, Ayrshire can be let free on range to graze.

ADC home of the Ayrshires is ADC Katuke, ADC Kiswani, ADC Lanet and ADC Olngatongo



Guernsey cattle are brown in color. They are medium in size with an average body weight of 400kg. They require 65-85kg of fresh feed per day. They require a lot of water up to 40 litres of clean water per day.

They produce an average of 25 litres of milk per day with a high butter fat content of 4.3%.

Find the excellent breed at ADC Olngatogo and ADC Lanet. ADC has over the years emerged the winner of the supreme Guernsey breed in all National and International shows in Kenya



The Jersey breed originated on the Island of Jersey, a small British island in the English Channel off the coast of France. The Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breeds, having been reported by authorities as being purebred for nearly six centuries. The Jersey cattle are brown- grayish with the gray darkening more on the neck and head. Their eyes have a protruding look. They are small – medium in size with an average body weight of 350kg.
They are kept for milk. Their milk production is moderate with an average of 20 litres per day. These are best suited in drier areas as they are hardy and are not heavy feeders

Adaptable to a wide range of climatic and geographical conditions.

The milk has very high butter content of about 5.2%.They do not require a lot of feed with a daily requirement of about 65-85kg of fresh feed. Jersey cattle are tough and can survive in various climatic regions. However they are vulnerable to milk fever and tick borne diseases. They are recommended for cross-breeding to improve local breeds like Zebu and Boran.

Find these at ADC Suam and ADC Sabwani.


Brown Swiss

Originating in the Swiss Alps, Brown Swiss adapt well to high altitudes and hot or cold climates, while producing large volumes of milk 25-30 litres a day , her milk  has high butter fat content thus  ideal for cheese-making.

Their unique ability to yield high components with an ideal fat-to-protein ratio sets them apart from other dairy breeds. 
Correct feet and legs, well-attached udders and dairy strength contribute to their exceptional productive life, allowing them to thrive in any modern dairy set-up. Style, balance and fancy frames also make Brown Swiss easy winners at national and international shows.

ind these excellent breeds at ADC Suam, ADC Lanet and ADC Kiswani.

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