Farm Advisory Services

Agricultural Development Corporation, a Government Parastatal, was established through an Act of Parliament Cap 444 of 1986 ADC manages large scale farms in kitale, lakipia, Nakuru and at the Coast with the following roles:-

Multiplication of quality seeds for the Kenyan farmer.

Custodian of national livestock studs.

Transfer technology from research institutions to Kenyan farmer.

Support agricultural processing industries as a major producer of agriculture produce e.g. Seed, milk, wheat and maize etc.

In order to achieve its mandate, ADC is guided by the following Vision and Mission:


  • To be the leader of Engineering Services in Kenya and beyond.


To provide engineering services namely, workshop, stores, contract services in line with the corporation strategic plan in order to meet the immediate needs of our farms and those of the community around us in a cost effective and efficient way.

In line with the ADC strategic objectives of promoting viable agricultural production and marketing through linkages and transfer of technology, the Corporation has establish Farm Advisory And Management Services Unit ( FAMS ) to assist the Kenya farmer undertake farming as a business activity and not just a traditional pass time. The unit is mandated to provide the following services to the farmers:- 

  • Farm consultancy.
  • Provision of management through secondment of a manger
  • Direct management of farms.
  • Provide contractual services e.g. Tractor hire and transport.


Consultancy Services

This targets established farms and offers technical advisory services both on crop and livestock production. The following Services are offered:-

  • Training: A.I. Technicians, Technicians, farm planning and budgeting.
  • I. Service: Sale of semen (Local and importing).
  • Clinical Services e.g. treatment, pregnancy diagnostic test (PDS)
  • Feed formulation and feeding guidelines.
  • Modern crop husbandry techniques.
  • Pasture establishment / management.
  • Hay making.
  • Silage and hay making.
  • Laboratory Services:- Feed analysis, moisture testing and soil PH testing.
  • Animal nutrition management (dairy, beef, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry.)
  • Animal breeding management.
  • Design and construction of farm structures.
  • Management of agricultural machinery.
  • Laboratory Services- animal feed analysis and soil testing.

Recruitment of farm managers

ADC will recruit and train managers within ADC Farms for a period not exceeding three months before recommending to the farmer. The cost of interview and training will be at current consultancy market rates and payable by the farm owner

Provision of technical / advisory service

This will mainly be by specialized technical on livestock, crops and machinery.

Others Products

  • Dairy Meal.
  • Dairy young stock meal.
  • Dairy early wearer.
  • Beef finisher
  • Pig feed.
  • Chicken feed( Chic mash, layer mash, etc)
  • Oranges and citrus seedlings.
  • Rhodes grass hay.
  • Lucern hay
  • Breeding animals.
  • Dairy cattle,Beef cattle,Sheep,Goats,Cattle Their Prices are determined from time to time.
  • Management Through Secondment of a Manager.

    This involves management of the farms by ADC in partnership with owner This fallowing apply:-

    (i) Secondment of a manager : ADC will second a farm manager to the farm on behalf of the owner on agreed terms and the owner to provide all the required resources for running the farm. The manager’s role will be among other things:-

    • Management of the daily operations in the farm.
    • Preparation of budgets and quarterly progress reports.
    • Report to both farm owner and FAMS Unit.
    • Preparation of farms assessment reports.
  • (ii) In consultation with the owner of the farm, FAMS Unit shall agree on the following:-

    • All financial resources to be provided by the owner of the farm.
    • Terms of payment for services have to be agreed with ADC e.g.monthly, quarterly etc or may be negotiated based on the enterprises on the farm.
    • Managers’ salary and allowances will be based on ADC terms of service.

    3. Direct Management of Farms

    Here ADC will take over the farm and run Units. The conditions here will include that:-

    • All resources are e.g. finance and human resource to be catered for by the farm owner.
    • The management period to be agreed upon between FAMS Unit and the owner.
    • Legal agreement for the take over to be clearly stipulated by FAMS Unit and the owner of the farm.

     4. Contractual Services

    i) Tractor and Equipment Hire Services

    • Land Breaking
    • 1st Ploughing / Stubble Ploughing
    • Heavy Harrow
    • Light Harrow
    • Planting
    • Spraying

    ii) Transport Services

    • Lorry long distance haulage
    • Tractor for farm transport

    iii) Borehole Drilling
    iv) Harvesting Silage and hay bailing.
    v) Repair and Rehabilitation / fabrication of agricultural machinery &

     5. How to apply for services

    Any farmer interested in any of the services offered should apply to:-
    The Manager Director
    Agricultural Development Corporation
    P.O. Box 47101-00100

    Divisional Manager
    Agricultural Development Corporation
    P.O Box 917

     6. If the Farmer/Owner’s Application is Successful then the following will be Undertaken

    • A technical team will prepare assessment report on the farm.
    • The farmer / farm is registered by ADC, and an account is opened.
    • Corporation Secretary will draw an appropriate agreement with the farms on the terms and conditions of the management services.
    • If any credit is offered, the authority and limit will be given by the Managing Director.
    • ADC recommends cash/ monthly payments or per agreement for all its services. However, in case of any credit, the terms must be fully agreed upon between ADC and the owner of the farm.
    • In case of default appropriate legal action will instituted for recovery of the debt.

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